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The Gazebo in Niagara-on-the-Lake was featured in a scene from The Dead Zone (1983), which starred Christopher Walken & Martin Sheen.

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About Niagara Bed and Breakfast / Cottage Association

This is a membership association of Cottages and Bed & Breakfast accommodations in the region of Niagara consisting of the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, and Niagara Falls Ontario Canada. Additionally towns and cities served by us include: Queenston, St. Catharines, Port Dalhousie, Virgil, Chippawa, Fort Erie, Welland and Grimsby. We serve two masters. First, prospective guests considering a trip to our wonderfully charming town of Niagara-on-the-Lake and next, our constituent lodging owners who rely on us to take a leadership role in promoting the area and its vast array of accommodation choices.

Our Manifesto: A-Z

In the formation of this membership and in the creation of this website, our goals were precise, simple and highly motivating. We present our A-Z "manifesto":

  1. to fill a glaring void on the internet with a professionally-designed web portal that is both official and comprehensive in its exclusive dedication to the promotion of Niagara
  2. to make that website in such a way that respects the interests of prospective guests above all else since guests are the lifeblood of our tourist-driven community
  3. to embrace a philosophy of transparency and democracy that will empower our members to decide item by item what future initiatives are worthy of their time and financial contribution
  4. to remember that our members do not serve our club; rather, our club serves its members. Our unpoliticized approach ensures that the "tail will never wag the dog"
  5. to treat B&B and Cottage lodgings with equal respect and coverage without favouring one over the other
  6. to embrace the best technologies available so that the website would be built on a tightly integrated database and file structure. Our goal is to make it so that our technology is "invisible" and stays out of the way of the guest/member experience
  7. to depict Niagara in all its charm and glory and to outline the many alluring qualities of a town that is the psychological centre of wine country in Southern Ontario
  8. to employ graphical elements that are cohesive and integrated. A website, like a person, should have integrity
  9. to be mindful and respectful of the copyrights of others and to put safeguards in place to prevent/remedy any abuses
  10. to develop a logo and slogan that would be visually captivating and compelling like no others representing Niagara
  11. to design a website whose core content and direction would be manageable by its members and contributors, not by some overseeing body
  12. to expand on an existing family of websites all under the GuestServe umbrella so that our members would need only manage one rates/availability calendar for their primary reservation sources in Niagara
  13. to source only local suppliers in the development of the website and not to go to some other province or country when world-class talent exists right in our own backyard. We believe that to achieve our desired homespun feeling on our website, the design would need to be conveyed through people who have actually traversed the streets of Niagara... for years... (decades actually!)
  14. to provide an official (i.e. direct) interface between guests and lodging owners so that guests would get the most accurate and up-to-date information available as well as the best possible rates and the most personalized interaction with lodging owners
  15. to limit advertising to vendors who only have a direct relevance to guests. We will not "litter" this website with visual distractions even if it means foregoing lucractive revenue opportunities
  16. to provide as many services as possible without commission so that the guests would be assured they are getting the best possible value for their travel investment
  17. to provide a "one-stop shop" for guests looking to source accommodations and Shaw Festival tickets and everything they need to know about Niagara
  18. to take advantage of any new social networking services that would enhance the guest experience and our visiblity on the internet
  19. to be respectful of the guests' time and prospective financial commitment to make travel plans to our locale. A "holiday" or a "weekend getaway" is not some superfluous indulgence. Humans have a basic need to unplug from the rigors and stresses of daily living. We also have a need to elevate our spirits and to seek inspiration. Niagara offers pristine natural landscapes, theatrical performances, rolling vineyards and wine tours, spa facilities and a historical perspective on modern life. It is incumbent upon us to deliver this message successfully
  20. to seek partnership with other tourism stakeholders in order to cross-promote the charms of our destination and in order to co-operate in reaching our common goals
  21. to be highly respectful of cultural and ethnic differences in both our members and in our guests
  22. to make sure that our marketing and technology pursuits always give due consideration to longevity and the ability to scale up
  23. to find imaginative ways to offset costs without passing any fees on to guests and without burdening lodging owners with capital costs for any quickly-depreciating digital assets
  24. to give a voice to our members so that even the most reserved lodging operator can feel their needs are expressed and heard
  25. to never forget that we are partners in our ambassadorship as representatives of Niagara to the world
Old World Charms, New World Wonders
Thank you to my team at GuestServe Inc., an extremely dedicated and caring bunch of people who just "get it".

And... thank YOU for visiting us on the web. We look forward to seeing you in person in the wonderfully charming area of Niagara, our home.

Paul Tomori, President
GuestServe Inc.

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